Realizations of a 24yr old convict
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2002-03-09 07:44:51 (UTC)

Fuck it somthing new, Doubt it..

Fuck it somthing new, Doubt it but lets get it
Lifes cool no blonde one in a days I care I do,
Shits good with me and the other honeys and Im being
skechie about calling these #s in he wallet of girls here
and there that Ive happened apon but dont know.
Anyways school work life you know.
Got the genius liguid swords playing and I wish I was doing
more than I am at this moment but know Im right where I
should be. So things are way good even though If we were
coffie shop chilling I could probly rattle some complants
stupid shit though.
Cutting my own through with this blonde one to prove I
cant have it all. shelbys gonna kill me cause I wont kill
this blonde one like I kill her just ttrying to play the
bigger role or at least thats how I mumble it to myself.

Anyways what the fuck is the plan none at this point
trying to avoid the truth of what I know Im goona do.
I can jutify why I shouldnt and how selfish I am.
This aint about a honey here. This is about another aspect
of life!!!!
I say Im over it and been trying to moviate myself into
other directions but I see Im really just wiating for the
chance to kill. I know as much as I say Im not I know Im
getting set for war, building a plan and gathering amo
Its strange how we play out here different than inside wars
different out here. Same staying smart and strong to win
eye on the prize but the rules are different and the savage
techniques are different and suttler. But its the same.
I hate my job but I love it hows that cause thats the
conversation at this point. Straight war and Im the friend
of all with the seriuos alterive motive. I hadnt heard it
in a long time but yeah keep your friends close and your
enemys closer theyll give you everything you need to cut
there throught.