Michael Through Time

The Mad Scientist's Notebook
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2002-03-09 06:13:14 (UTC)

Final Cuts/Add ins

I can almost say that the writing is over in this project.
I've written over 150 poems in the last few months. Now I
go through the task of reading them and making some honest
comments about them. This is going to be some hard work.
However some of the poems have been chosen. What is left
upon the sight will remain part of it. However, I will say
that some of the poems you saw will not come back and new
ones will take their place. How many poems will there be?
Whatever seems appropiate. As is I have three more poems
for sure I'm going to write. Beyond that, I really am
concentrating on looking at the poems now. This is going
to be a difficult process. I estimate two weeks worth of
time. Then it's time to put my material together. Beyond
that, I'll post on the site what made the final cuts. I
want to try to make each poem different. Not all of my
poems fit the bill. So some sacrifices will be made.
Other poems though will keep their homes. So check back in
the next few weeks on my site as the final selected poems
come to be.
The Mad Scientist

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