The Bass Player

Ravings of a Madman
2002-03-09 06:05:19 (UTC)


Wow. It's been awhile, but not much has happened. I
almost got left in Ft. Worth last weekend. We went to a
church thing that talked about how sin is everywhere. It
was pretty good. I went to go play the drums and when I
came back out, everyone was gone. The pastor and I tried
for an hour to get a hold of someone, but no one was
available. Finally, we contacted a pastor at the church
here and he called the group, etc. It was a crazy night.
More on that later. That's about all the excitment I've
had in the last few weeks. Oh yeah, Pammy stopped talking
to me because I was trying to witness to her, and she is
just plain dead set on not believing. I think it's because
she doesn't want to give up her sinful life; maybe she's
afraid of change. I don't know. I'll pray for her.