Is the Supercross season not here yet?
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2002-03-09 05:47:13 (UTC)

Crazy Ass Week

Its just been open of those weeks where you look back and
just say like "WOW"... I got my drivers license today!
Yeah! It was a lot easier than I thought it would be, so
its all good. And John (who I thought his name was Shane)
came out after we got of work to talk to me. It freaked me
out, cause I was all alone, and this random car pulls up
next to mine. But its all good... SO we stood out in the
freezing cold, and talked for like 20 minutes. And I'm
happy now. I'm like jello tho, for some weird ass reason I
told him my car was an automatic. The Hell! Oh well,
maybe I'll straighten it out enventually, not liek it
really matters tho. Whatever. But yeah, we got off work
like at 9:30, and then he said he was going to go play
hockey! Ok, I can't wait to just go to bed! *sighs
happily thinking of her wonderful bed* ...
I got my first paycheck today, a whopping $125.02... Course
that was only 3 days, but yeah still... I'm happy. But now
I have to discuss my "budget" with my mother tomorrow.
Grrr... I'm only working from 11-5 tomorrow, so that'll be
nice. I can come home and watch SX! Yeah! heh.... Maybe
Travis wont DNF, or crash, or any other crap he seems to
pull a little to frequently.
Hummm, John rides a Husquarvana(whoa, that's spelled way
wrong) 250, which must be like 30 years old. But still...
humm... Oh! Steve, random showed up at my Bible study on
Thursday. SO he now has my SN, so maybe something will
actually come of that relationship.
Anyway, I'm off to teh shower. The still haven't said who
won the SHIFT contest yet, *growls*. Oh well, not like
I'mm win...

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