What's up now?
2002-03-09 05:32:16 (UTC)


Okay guys so I'm back from cali!!! And I have to say it
was pretty damn amazing...okay so being with my family for
a whole week gets very hard to bear, but it was a lot of
fun!!! We went to the zoo, and sea worls, and that sort of
stuff, and had some amazing meals :) hehe....then we went
to LA and went to beverly hills and went where all the rich
people was pretty fun, I even saw malcom from the
show malcom in the middle...sitting right across the
restaraunt from me...and a few other hot was
cool :) But other that that(dont get me wrong I want to go
back!) I'm glad to be home....I suposse...or I was going to
be glad to be home....I was hoping to see brian tonight,
and I guess yeah we didnt make definite plans, but I
thought you would have at least waited a little while to
see if I got home so we could hang least till 12
when I said I would be home...but I guess I shouldnt expect
that....I mean I should expect that, but I dunno....I'm
going to stop being a raging bitch....I'm sick of being
unhappy!!! When will things just be okay....WHat do you do
when you dont want to be where you were, you dont want to
be where you are right now, and you sure as hell dont want
to go back to where you have to go soon.....Fuck me!