out of reach
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2002-03-09 05:19:21 (UTC)


i'm waiting for something terrible to happen. i've been
too happy lately and too lucky. i'm afraid i'm going to
jinx myself but i shouldn't believe in that. i'm just
going to enjoy this while it lasts.

it was amazing. i had a test today in physics that i was
expecting to fail. i haven't opened the book for that
class in two weeks. all of my homework has been copied
from others in case i needed to spit out an answer to prove
i "did" the homework. even during class i'd sit there and
read and pay no attention whatsoever. today in gym i
figured i'd look over the chapter so i'd at least have an
idea and could guess my way through and it ended up being
the easiest test i've taken all year. what have i learned
from this experience? no more homework for the rest of the
year. teehee.

stuart is coming up tomorrow. i'm so excited to meet him.
he's such a sweetheart. i'm looking forward to our double
date with allie and nick. it should be most fun.

a pleasant evening was spent with erin tonight. good
times, great friend.