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2002-03-09 04:49:42 (UTC)

please read and respond

ok me and a friend decided we are running away( dont say
enthing gay and stoopid,im not like that)we need to leave
our hellish lives for no more then a week.all of my friends
except jd knows,she will probably see thisthough,and wonder
why.well first my family treats me like shit.no one
listens.and i finnally decided what i ant to do when i grow
older.i tell my sister what i want to be when i grow older
(or old enough) and she laughs and makes fun of me.its not
the best position.my mom even makes fun of me for it and
she was always bugging me about it.OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!
my neck. i like wes,i like donavon,i like elijah wood,i
like the strokes,like these two 12th graders, i like punk,i
like the lord and my god,i like acting,i like california.i
wonder if i can get one of the 12th graders to take me to
the senior/junior formal(since my school doesnt allow
dancing we dont have "prom" we have formal and banquets)i
tired to write yesterday and my annoying 20 year old
brother kept looking and reading the screen when i was
trying to talk to my friend about our "plan".and once i was
almost done,the internet kicked me off!i was so pissed.my
sister keeps telling me to stop cussing,then i turn around
and shes yelling"bitch" this and "bitch" that.and many
other cursing words.i am going over to my friends house so
we can build our "house" tommorow.last weekend, me my mom
and my dad went on a road trip to texas. never spend 12
hours in a fucking car with your parents.especially when
they fight alot.on the way back when i saw something i knew
i would say its gopnna be ok,its gonna be ok,over and over
in my head.i was also stroking my pillor whiel chewing the
corner of the pillow.i was scaring myslef. and i think i am
becoming very dependent on sugar because after lunch when i
had like no sugar,i started to shake very badly.and it was
also very bad because i was trying to write with that hand
on the oard in fron t of my class mates,they were wondering
if i was ok.well actually i think they were worried i was
gonna pull out a gun and start shooting(because that seems
like me,bitchy-take charge-loud mouthed gurl.
someone please give me some help.i need some badly.i better
go. bbye!

^.~ jennifer

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