my so called life
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2001-05-10 03:13:06 (UTC)

may, 9th, 2001

Today went rather well. i didn't go to school, thank god!!
Everyone is fighting once again and its all petty shit!let
me explain the case. anna is basically a little slut
sometimes. And someone told her ex boyfriend everythign
she has done behind his back and she blamed it on racheal
in which racheal never really said anything it wazs jessie
and anna talked shit on rach cause she thought that she
said somthing, so then i told jessie that anna was blammin
rach for it and talkin shit on rach, and jess got mad and
told rach, and i told anna that it wasn't rach and it was
jess and she got mad a jess. so now its racheal and jessie
vs, anna. and well im stuck in the middle....
grreeeeaaaatt!!...oh well i don't hang out with that crowd
anyway, i hang out with diffrent people that don't fight
every two seconds. i hate that...they act like their in
middle school. in real life when they get out of high
school they won't have anyne to protect them but their
friends and they need them and if ya treat them like shit
now then you won't have protectors when they get
out....thats how i see it. but me, i can't wait to get out
of high school. there really isn't any scial classes when
your out. there won't be the popular bunch or the asshole
bunch... your just you and they'll probably end up losers.
oh gonna make somthin of myself..i wanna head
tward the journalism but i dunno...i really have no idea.
its all confusing to me and i only have alittle bit more
time to decide. oh well ya know...whats it matter, poeple
live and then they die...its not that bad. well today i
went to work and it was fun. i worked with scott. Hes
sweet. i feel so utterly comfortable around him its
unbelievable. i trust him so much..but maybe thats not a
good thing cause he might turn around and break my heart.
but i dunno...i guess we'll see.. well i gotta go.
peace out!!

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