Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2002-03-09 04:34:41 (UTC)

Till death do we part

Ha!!! Get this, I took a couple of online tests 'cuz I was
bored, and they both said that I was a genius (154, 157,
not super-duper genius, i'm actually on the low end of the
scale, lol)....ha ha ha, man, that's just rich, I can't
help but wipe the tears from my eyes from laughing so
hard.... So I know how to contrast and compare, and solve
simple math problems in under 10 minutes.....give me a
fricken break, this makes me a genius?? Why aint I solving
mankind's greatest problems, or at least trying to make
this world a better place to live in??? hmmmm??? instead,
I'm using my talents on how to live off the system doing
the least amount of work possible, and also trying to keep
my mind unoccupied with the comical antics of my human truth to tell, I have become bored
with most of the high intellectual stuff that's out there.
I've spent a lot of time as of late trying to understand
why some people pursue religion, and faith, and why the
bible is as big as it is. I've started reading Genesis,
and it's some pretty darn good reading actually....any
blend of human drama is especially intriguing.....but, oh
never mind, Columbus pursued his dream.... Actually, some
of the problems that I thought about were like using
orbiting mirrors or lenses to evaporate the center of
hurricanes (better than a nuclear blast, eh?), or using
quantum teleportation to make the interceding space
invisible....oh well, I've seem to be bored again, all
excitement and fervor exited when I hit the big 3-0...I see
myself more as an older man who is entering a different
stage in life, for what I should be doing now? I don't
really know, as of yet... I've been disenchanted with the
real world lately, and it seems all screwed up, but hey, if
you see what it was built on, you would know why it was...

Okay okay, that's enough jibber-jabbering for now. I think
I'll go do something productive and come back to this
subject later.........

ciao for now,

a lowly servant in the House of his Master,