The trilogy of my life
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2002-03-09 04:34:10 (UTC)

I love life now

Wow it's been a while since last time, so i will try my
hardest to remember what has been happening. ::thinks and
ponders:: well it's to tough so i'll just explain today to
you. It was a while since Becca and i had hung out (like
about a week) because my hole week was hectic and i
couldn't find a lot of time to spend with her untill
today. I tryed to go to her soccer game today but it
turned out that i missunderstood the time from 7:00 to 8:00
and i missed it, well after i was driving Becca to Rams
Horn and since i've liked her for around a moth i finally
got enought courage to ask her out :) and after i asker her
wich was a yes but the way i asked her to my senior prom
and to that one was also a yes! (you don't know how happy i
was to both of those questions). I now cant stop smiling
and also feel like i'm on top of the world this feeling is
the best thing. Love is an amazing healer, and when you
love someone else it makes everything a hundred time better!

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