Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
2002-03-09 04:28:47 (UTC)

*hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go*

I got one of those reminder to update thingies... that's
the first time that's happened... I must be slackig off,
although I swear I just did an entry.
Anyways, I amsitting at home "resting"... supposedly I have
the flu, but I think that doctor's on crack. It made me
loose my voice, so I had this wonderful "croak" thing going
on... It worked out very nicely for my oral presentation
today (Which, by the way, we, especially me, kicked butt
on). I stayed out of school yesterday, which was kinda
nice... you just miss so much crap though. I got a good
bit of "Atlas Shrugged" (which is amazing!!!) read, in
between dozings. I have been resting and drinking lots of
tea, and getting vitamin C, in hopes that I will get well,
especially by tomorrow night, since Mere's parents are
going to be out of town, and I'll be spending the night
over at her house, which was an absolute blast last time.
Phoenix is FINALLY over. We had finals this week, on
Wednesday and Thursday. (and of course a test on Tuesday)
We get our grades next week, and there will be havok
wreaked if I don't have an "A".