The Fallen and Damned
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2002-03-09 03:38:02 (UTC)

giraffes, dead presidents, and the fatal love of sneezes

people would look really nifty with giraffe pomspoms...the
little thingies that stick up ontop of a giraffe....

the story of the sneeze :

once there was a little boy
he was composed of a sneeze
he had a brother
who was inherently attractive

the sneezy boy once came apon a strange green house
well it wasnt really green
inside he found a dead president
and an elf who thought she was a flower, but she wasnt

the projectilish phlegm boy sat down next to the dead president
he looked closely, and dedided that it smelled very bad
being a dead president and all
but he was very lonly and he decided to befriend the carcass

the dead president and the trumpeting nose boy became very
the president was someone to talk to
the boy was someone to keep the carcass from falling into
the wrong hands
they loved each other very much-

there was another creature living in that house though
a strange little elf, who ran around screaming
whever the carcass twitched disagreeably
she was very cute, and kind of shy

the elf had lived under the oppression of the president
she yearned to find a more agreeable object to house with
she found this in the little sneeze
she watched him from afar, cause she was very small

eventually the elf became enamored with the sneeze
she couldnt stop herself
she revealed her identity to the boy
and he screamed, cause dead president-gaurding-
oppressed-little-elves never talked to him before

the carcass rotted away
sadly the president fell to the fungus
this made the sneezy boy sneezefor he was allergic to fungus
at least the dead president kind

the little elf sacrificed her elfdom to become a human
she wanted ever so much to be with the little boy
but the little boy had a blueberryy in his pocket
and he would rather eat a blueberry than a little girl

the little elf was so sad that she decided to take her
little elf life
she ran to the top of the not really green house and stood
looking over the edge
she sniffled a little sadly

she sniffled again
and a agian
she heaved a little bit
and closed her eyes


she sneezed, and the little boy was at her side
they lived happily ever after

look out for nose hairs, they are prickly

the end