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2002-03-09 02:42:49 (UTC)

Energy 6.42p

I had a mostly good day. In physics I got to run up and
down the stairs for a lab we were doing. It was cold out
side but it was really fun. I had alot of energy. In
photography, V and I took a camera and two rolls of film
out and shot some great pictures. That was really fun. Then
we went to the library for the last part of class. I did my
trig homework. Trig was pretty boring, as usual. It wasn't
that hard, but it still sucked. After school, I went home
for an hour or so and grubbed. Then, I went back to school
to keep score again. It was pretty fun, but cold. Tomorrow
I have a uc workshop. I have to be at school at nine (yes,
on a saturday. I actually don't mind). That's over at
around noon, then I'm keeping score for the tournament.