mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-03-09 02:33:13 (UTC)


it is fri 03/08/02 2125 hrs est. I went to dr yesterday,
got a new med to take, i am now on both busbar and now
zyprexa.. i think combo is makin me extra tired, cause i am
straining to keep eyes open... nt quite that bad , but
close . dr gave me 5 mg tabs, and wanted me to take 1/8 of
a tab... no way could it be cut into 8th's , so i took 1/2.
we will see how that works over few days . all info i have
read said that i wont be as tired when my body adjusts to
the med, we will see. I LOVE YOU LISA !
jon is supposed to be in parade on sun, he has not called
for info on it yet, so dont know bout that either. i am
totally bored here @ work, cant wait to leave ... i need a
job closer to home . it is raining here. i will be leaving
in a lil over an hr. i guess that is all for now, cya .!

ohh... btw - wed night , took jon to see BLAST @ oakdale
theater, WOW !! what a show, had a great time ! - if you
like drum & bugle corp stuff you will love this !!