A ShiTTy GaMe CaLL LiFe
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2002-03-09 02:01:27 (UTC)

So what the hell is love??

friday 03.08.02

he's off to arizona this weekend. altho it came as a shock
to me, my tears have already dried off and im ready to find
some relaxing time on my own.

i am contacting the people from my college more to ask them
questions and stuff. as i do that more often, i realize
that im almost gonna move and be on my own. woo hoo!! it
seems so far away, yet creeping closer with every passing

what is love? if u think about that person all the time,
dream of that person at nite, wishes to hear that person's
voice, want to be next to that person all the time, holding
that person's hand makes u feel like the luckiest person in
the world, having ur happiness based on that person's that love?