Insensitive Kitten

Insensitive Kitten
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2001-05-10 01:48:15 (UTC)

...if only for a night...

Why is everyone cutting more then me??? I feel so non existant...I want to exist more then
everyone else. People who never cut in their lives are
cutting more then me....

My mom couldnt find the disinfectent I wanted for my cuts
and it can't wait any longer....

can't can't can't can't

I need to exist...I need not to be jealous of other peoples

I need to burn.

But I can't do that till tomorow cos I'd have to be by the
stove.....unless my lighter still works.

In which case I'll do it tonight.

Whatever...I'm going to do something tonight...

Maybe I'll go on a self-injury binge and hurt till my eyes
glaze over.....

Who knows...

I was informed yesterday that I'm a cold hearted bitch.

I love when people insult me cos that makes me hate myself

Heaven knows I need that fuel to hurt.

Heaven knows.....

((updates to my site have been made