my so called life
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2002-03-08 23:37:19 (UTC)

Still craving your kiss

The week from hell is finally coming to its end.
Monday : ok at school. Ingrid, Lucy and I went to the
library. We're having a project in Religion (uh, it's a
subject) about angels. Interessting. Got home. Had to study
for a religiontest. Didn't really manage to study. Was
unable to concentrate. Talked with Ben online. He was happy
because I had written him an e.mail (he wanted me to).
Saturday : Test at school. Went ok, not great, but..
went to Burger King with Lucy and Tiff. Went to work
(teaching-thing). Was there for three hours, got home and
did some homework.
Wednesday : Physics was fun. I miss Lisa, we don't spend
enough time together. Had to study for a historytest. Was a
good girl, did some chemistryhomework and started studying
for the test at about 6pm. I have this problem, I never
start studying before other people go to bed. But not that
Thursday : First period :Historytest, which went pretty
well. Second period: religion. More angels :) 7th period :
translation-quiz. We got this text, which was written like
1000 years ago. The Norwegian language has changed a lot.
We don't even have the same letters anymore. Þ that letter
is pronunced 'th'. We don't have the 'th' sound anymore.
It's so IDIOTIC that we have to learn these things. I don't
know how I did. The story was about this scald (they were
some sort of poets who went along on the expeditons , uh,
raids more likely, and made verses about it) who was hurt
and went to this doctor-woman. He had a spear or something
in his stomach and she wanted him to eat some sort of union-
stew so that she could smell if he had a hole in his
stomach (!). He didn't want to, he just pulled the spear
out and threads of his heart followed. He gave her a ring
and died. Nice story, huh?
When I got home, I started on my homework right away. I had
to write a paper for chemistryclass.. 11 pages!! I had to
study for the chemistrytest we had today! INHUMANLY!!

I am so tired. Got home from work for about an hour ago. I
think I'll just go to sleep. Today's Jane's birthday. Happy
19, sweetie! :) Annie's celebrating her birthday tomorrow.
Why has everyone birthday in March? I'm sure 40% of the
people I know are born in March.
Anyhow, I hope it'll be fun. I don't know if Ben's going
out. That's because he didn't know himself. Maybe Leo will
be there.. he's Annie's neighbour. But I doubt that he
will.. I don't want him to come.
I don't know if I've written this, but next year I'll
probably go away to study. I'm going to attend a scientific
university, I think. Ben said today that after he's served
his time as a soldier, he'll probably move there too. We
decided we're going to live together ;P
But that's not this year anyway. I have to go there all by
myself :(( I am so fucking scared.

I think I'll go to sleep now. Take care everyone.

Angel: Hope everything works out when S* gets home ! :)

Christina : I've thought about what you said about Ben and I
think you're right, I am afraid of him. Lucy's been saying
it all along. I am afraid of what he means to me and the
fact that he could easily mean so much more. I am afraid of
committing and I'm terrified by the thought of getting

Say nighty night and kiss me.
Just hold me tight and tell me you'll miss me.
While I'm alone and blue as can be..
Dream a little dream of me....!