lost in the dark
2002-03-08 23:19:29 (UTC)

Double Faced...

Hey Entry. Reserves. I walk into work and what happens.
My Manager, Gets on my case once again telling me what I
have to do today. My mood did not change from last night to
this morning. I wanted to grab the guy by the throat(sp),
and put him up against the wall. And explain to him that I
am not a little 5 year old that needs to be told what to
do. I think that I am capable of doing what needs to be
done. I don't need this over my head every morning when I
goto work.
Other then that I think that I am getting really good at
hiding what I am actaully feeling. I can carry on at work
as if there is nothing wrong with me. Being happy and
cheerful is just to damn easy. My insides are hurting
tonight, from all the holding in that I had to do. Now I am
home and don't have to worry about people seeing me in this
state. I am terrorified for this weekend though. I will see
what happens.


The wind.

The wind brings the rain,
The rain brings the means,
The means is to hide the tear,
The tear is hiden by the rain,
The rain washes away what is hidden,
The hidden is yet consealed,
The consealed rides on the wind,
The wind takes the Rain,
And with the rain goes the tear.


Lost in the Dark...

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