2002-03-08 22:48:53 (UTC)

"Donald's Letter #2"

hey hot stuff! so what, who cares if i was waiting for you
to call me? the point is you didn't, and don't try to
say "you got the wrong #." how do you get the wrong number
from your caller id? i didn't call you because i ws scared.
i was scared because i thought you were mad. i don't know
why i thought you were mad. o yeah, it was because you
didn't give me a hug. i was thinking the same thing you
did "maybe she didn't like me." are you calling me stupid
for asking if you like me enough to go out w/ me? i don't
know what goes on in your head. i want to wait till we go
to the movies one more time before i ask you [out]. i don't
know why. i didn't know i was supposed to bring someone
SINGLE for clorisa. i thought i was supposed to bring
someone to distract her while we do our own little thing
(which we didn't do much of because of you). i don't care
when we go to the movies, i just hope it's soon because i
think that's the only time we're going to be able to do
anything unless you don't care if other people see. or we
could always go the back of the school. it's only a

PS: what times can i call you?