ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2002-03-08 22:45:33 (UTC)

Sun never SHines oN closEd doorS

Wellllllll today was a VERy borInG half day. i
did absolutely nuttin. Brittany and Stix
were suppoesd to come over but Britt got grounded so they
couldnt but they wanted me to walk over to Britt's house
but i was like Hell No!!!!

Last night was cool. Chris got his mom's car so
we went to the mall and saw Queen Of The Damned. IT was
pretty cool. Oh and when were driving through the
parking lot, i saw Eric!!! He was like with some girl
and it looked exactly like him, even though i didnt see his
face i know it was him.

Well, tonight might be cool. I wanna do somthin
with Chris and Stix and Britt. Im sad cuz BRitt and
STix are going to PResscott this weekend, so i know im
gonna be bored. I wish i could go with them, just to get
out of this boring place for awhile. My stupid
little puppies are really getting on my nerves. THey fight
all the time and they just want constant attention. Im
ready to give them away. Im the only one who like actually
stays with them and shit. My parents have been gone a
lot lately. ITs cuz my grandmas in the hospital. i
think my mom wants me to go and visit her tonight, but i
dont want to because she was being such a bitch to me this
morning (my mom) so ya.. Im sooooooooo FReaKen borED
right NoW, itS noT EVEN funNY.......

Im listening to Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly
right now. I still havent gotten my tickets yet for
Flogging Molly. Sux. I need to go to a good
show. i havent been to one in awhile.

"Ignorance is something you cant overcome, but you'll
pass it on down which is something much worse..." cuz its
been the worst day since yesterday.

well, later.

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