2002-03-08 22:32:26 (UTC)

"Donald's Letter #1"

what's up? why didn't you call me? i was waiting for you to
call me all weekend. i'm just playing. i was to scared to
call you because i didn't know if you wanted me to. the
whole time during the movie i wanted to kiss you. i wanted
to kiss you but, you said if you pay for the movie, you
watch it, i thought you were serious. i like your tongue
ring. i like the way you said "bye" (yeah right) you didn't
even give me a hug or anything. ok. . .you said you like me
right? do you like me enough to go out with me? whenever
you can write me back. if we ever go back to the movies we
are going to have to see something stupid like peter pan 2.