Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2002-03-08 22:23:53 (UTC)

Aye Capitan!!

Birthing, breathing,
Shirking, shrieking,
Furling, fleeing,
Lurking, leering...

Argh, how does one set up their volume controls to avoid what I want to know.....

This day was all shot to hell, is what I think....

Can you master your own fate? It's pretty damn hard, let
me tell you, and takes constant slip, and
down the hole we fall, it takes no time at all.....

Shucks, still no Farscape tonight, I got hooked on it like
a classicalist with his phonics...

As a matter of fact, I used to be hooked onto a show way
back in the 70's when I was a kid... The show was
called, 'Star Trek', and it rocked my world... Here was a
show that took off from the mundane and dealt with other
intelligent species with totally different cultures and
societies, and our fearless leader, one named Kirk, would
always battle his inner passions for the good of the ship
and his crew, with a guy named Spock at his side who always
gave cool unconditional counsel when he needed it. Spock
always checked Kirk's emotions, and thus provided him great
leadership--every decision was balanced between the
acknowledgement that you're emotions didn't have to be
denied, but also that you couldn't take too far...

Picard, on the other hand, was a sort of flawless man. He
was like an upscale man of the world, well read, knew the
foibles of mankind, and always made decisions that really
made sense. I think his singular weakness was that he
didn't always know everything...something that Q often
threw into his face frequently.

Janeway? Well, hmmmm, her policies coincided with her
superiors, plus, since she was a woman, to understand the
mind of a woman, you pretty much have to know what phase
the moon is in, if it's raining in Morrocco, and if her pet
fish is going through some type of treatment for its fungal anyways, score one for the fems,
they got them a captain onboard the Enterprise, yay......

What about Sisko? Oh yeah, that dude, cool, fair, always
went out on a limb when he had too. He was more down to
earth than Picard, less brash than Kirk, and more of a
man than Janeway.

The new guy, Archer? Well, I haven't seen too much of that
show... but from what I've seen, he seems to be a typical
heady Earth captain just discovering the new frontier of
unexplored areas of space, and is determined to overcome
any obstacles that may appear...

So, cool, there you have it, my observations on the
incarnations of Captains of the Enterprise......set phasers
on stun, fire!!!

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