The lost little girl
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2002-03-08 22:08:57 (UTC)

i hate days like this...

ok..now for a while now i've been talking about a guy.
remember in the first one was i was all like " no it's not
aaron"...well don't worry..it's not. but the point i'm
making is i started to cry today. i balled my eyes out.
ok..here's what happened. someone said something to me the
other night in reguards to this guy and a friend of mine and
she said " hooked up" i thought "hung out" so i let it fall
off my shoulders. then today i'm in the store. and my friend
who works at there was like " so what's up with ------ and
----? either he likes her and he thinks she likes him or the
other way around i don't know ..do you?" i nearly fell apart
right there. everything can rushing towards me like a train.
i didn't know how to answer it. i just shrugged since i was
in the presence of my mom and just dazed out into the ugly
lights above me.oh god....!!!
my father recently sent me " queen of the damned" the book.
and i'm getting really into it. there is something in it
that really hit me hard. if anyone out there has read the
book that i write in they will understand it better than
those who haven't.lestat is talking about something very
interesting, he's having a dream of a girl who has fallen in
love with him, someone who thinks he's the most intense and
incredible person.She seems him as the most perfect
lover.and that he is what she needs.She says to him "
Lestat! I always believed in you. I always knew you would
come!"-("queen of the damned" by Anne Rice)
it is just that i am that girl i truly am. ok..getting to
much into it..ok jane people you don't really know read
this...shut up or you are gonna look kinda mental!
ok well i should prolly go now...i wanna keep reading in my
book..i will talk to you later- love you- janie

daily quote:
"hey jane you go do it" - chris
" oh i must be wearing my " chris's bitch!" shirt..oh look
at that it says linkin park...maybe next time!"- me being a
bitch :)