Ode to a psycho!HA!
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2002-03-08 21:35:57 (UTC)

Announcing Miss Fletcher 2003!!....

I'm going to see miss fletcher tonight. It's not much fun
because I already know who's going to win. but I'm doing the
pagent next year, so I figure I might as well take notes. I'm
not really a pagent type chick. I can sing, but sucking up to
judges and acting like a bubbly cheerleader type isn't really
my thing. you know?? Afterward I'm going to Jaclyn's house I
am SO FUCKING STOKED!!!! you have no idea. I already have
half of the stuff I need for next years pagent. i already
have one formal dress, a suit for the interview, I know what
I'm doing for my talent and I am TRYING to become
coordinated. I already have options of people who could
sponsor me, and a list of people who owe me and should buy
ads from me. I honestly don't think I'll win, but I have a
good chance of being most talented so might as well stick
with what you know. =) Who needs mis fletcher anyway?? I have
superior ratings a district thespian competitions, two years
in a row!!

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