Ode to a psycho!HA!
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2002-03-08 21:25:14 (UTC)

Dream Dictionaries

My mother got a dream dictionary for her birthday. I have
some pretty fucked up dreams so I decided to interperate
them. On more than three sperate occasions I've dreapt of
suicide. THese happened to be the three a remember. One about
a week ago felt like I was awake. My alarm went off and I
went through my normal morning routine. I fixed lunches, and
Abigail came and started making funny faces on the glass
doors at the end of my kitchen like usual. We drove to school
talking about the normal things, We got to school , walked
inside and went our seperate ways, like normal, and then
instead of going to my locker I just sort of threw my
backpack up against the lockers, and kept walkingtoward the
courtyard. The thing was that there was noone in the school.
I walked into the courtyard and No one was there, except at
Nick regniers table. He was sitting there with his groupie
type people, and billy and guy. I was wearing overalls, and
had my hands in my pockets, which was weird by itself, I
began waking toward them and then took my right hand out of
my pocket, and had a gun in it. I pointed towards the table,
they started flipping out, and then I took the gun and stuck
it up inside my mouth and shot......Then I woke up. SO I look
up guns in this dictionary and it says, "...serves to
emphasize the base link between violent aggression and
sexuality..." the next I won't go into but it involved
running a knife up and down my body a various places
including,wrists, hands, neck, shoulders, torso, back,
stomach, etc. you get the point. " denotes vulnerability
...signifies your own agressive sexuality..." In the third I
put a cherry on the back of my tounge and held my head back
letting it lodge itself in the back of my throat, and choked
and eventually watched myself suffocate. Cherries "... in
synosyscism with volumptuous, lustful desires...In dreams,
to taste of flesh of a cherrysymbolizes carnal desire..."

so pretty much I need to have sex. any takers??