Queen Bee

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2002-03-08 21:13:41 (UTC)

OOPS!! forgot one.

Hey everyone. realized today that when i was telling my
close friends what i think of them, i forgot one. My
brother. Now please do not take offense to it T. bear but
it has to be said and please dont get all pissy at me cuz
of it, its my opinion and yeah. you can be quite lazy
sometimes and i know i can be too. but you are lazy and you
hide the fact that your hurting with jokes. your mad
because raven chose to be with boy (her b/f) over you
because she loves him and you cant handle that so you have
to mask your pain with cruel humor towards her and her boy
(like the comment about her makeup yesterday at home) Iknow
your hurting but you need to move on with your life
brother, and maybe once you let go and stop being dumb, you
guys ca actually establish a friendship. Now hopefully all
the people i wrote about they dont take offense to it and
it might be hard to hear i know it is for me but it helps
me to be a better person for people to be around. Now im
not saying i want you guys to change cuz I love all of you
because of the people you are and because of the flaws you
have and I hope that you guys love me for the same reasons.
h and by the way, just because it doenst look like it, me
and raven do have feelings, we have emotions, you can hurt
our feelings jsut as easily as you can hurt anyone elses.
and i knowe i make fun of people alot, but its my sense of
humor and its my way of masking the pain and humiliation
towards the fact that i think im stupid, because that is
basically how i ahve been treated all my life that i am
waek and stupid so i try and hide it with making fun of
othrs and myself. Oh and lips, I love you too and believe i
cant stand you sometimes too, :)!!! but that is exactly why
i love you. Good bye all.

:::is standing with her back to everyone...turns
around...takes off her sunglasses to reveal her perfectly
black and teared eyes... and takes off flying into the

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