my life and thoughts
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2001-05-10 00:15:24 (UTC)

* bored..

hey everyone,,
im just sitting here being extremely bored,, and thought id
write a lil bit .. anyways ,, my life has been alright
lately i guess,, just messed up ,, jason and i are well
together ..and im sure u think its stupid .. but i guess i
can give him another chance . i like him so much its not
even funny ,, even though that was a bunch of bullshit and
i shouldve dumped him i know ,, but its not like any other
guy wouldnt cheat .. so what the hell ..i know there are
some guys that wont cheat but either way the relationship
thing is only happy some of the time and other times it is
just confusing and nothing but painful ..but i dont know i
just dont want this to end.. i like him so much ,, he is
alli think of