No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-03-08 19:59:40 (UTC)

today was screwed up

hey! AHHH yes, thats right. Ok, here's what happened.
Alisha and Tessie wrote a note backa dn forth about
jessica. Well, they showed it to me and I told them they
had to show her. They didn't want to (of course) So, some
of the stuff they wrote I agreed with. I wrote a sentence
or two and gave it to Jessica. I left school early
Wednesday (the day I gave it to her) and wasn't in school
yesterday. While I was gone, all that was said was pinned
on me. And yes, I was wrong but I wasn't the only one. And
i apologized to jessica today also. From what I've been
told, so save her own butt, tessie pinned it all on me.
Yeah, real fair huh? Well, enough on that before I get
Tonight is my little sisters 12th Birthday party. She is
having a bunch of her giddy preppy friends over. HELP ME!
At night I have to put black pants on (I'm already wearing
a black shirt) and cover a knife in ketchup, go outside and
bang on her window with it while they watch scary movies.
The highlight of my night. I'm gunna see if some friends
from Jenkins can come over whenever I talk to them again.
"It rubs the lotion on its skin, IT RUBS THE LOTION
~Silence of the Lambs

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