The Life & Times of Alison
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2002-03-08 19:33:30 (UTC)

Random Borders fun time, Formals...BOOM.

Well... so break was fun fun times... one of the best times
was at Borders on Monday night (me thinks it was Monday)
well yes... it was fun fun fun fun fun times! Hello to fun

I go to the formal today, its going to be a blast! Im
taking Rob... :):):):)

Hey, yea, so I woke up today and saw that I took my boot
(for my broken foot) off, along with the sock on that foot.
And for some reason, I had a sock with elephants on it, on
my other foot. When Im pretty sure I went to bed with the
boot and sock on one foot, and no sock on the other. And
the boot was sitting there on my bed fastened... huh. Damn
apt F ghost!

Luv muches