2002-03-08 18:57:42 (UTC)

does she do it on purpose? no..

does she do it on purpose?
no she's just stupid
yea...I know that...
ugh, god and she's so ugly

Im watching them talk in the media center. Im just
watching. They ignore me and laugh every time after each
comment is made. iM kinda used to this type of backstabbing
grabble that normally doesn't make any fuckin sense to me
only cuz Im catching the last part of it. I am so pissed
off at the world today. Now, I hear fat bastard's low growl
in back of me. It sounds oh so annoying. I just can't take
this week anymore. For Christ's sake Im tired fo school
already. I wish I was dead. Then I would expierence
something new. I wish i was new. I wish I was a new being a
new person that's respected but I don't give a fuck. I
stopped giving a fuck after a long time. It's just stooopid
to give.....a fuck.