mY dIaRy....
2002-03-08 18:48:15 (UTC)


I'm so tired that u won't b able to imagine it!!!! I had to
go 2 school yesterday @ 5 juss to help do sumthing n e ways
me and some friends went........ also my dad had to go late
like @ 7 cuz he had to talk to my bro's teacher.. at that time he
entered from the middle doors and saw my friends fooling around, I
had been hanging with them earlier but I went to look for
my dad cuz all of them had gotten to my nerves but n e ways
after when we were coming home he told me that he likes
none of my friends and he wants me to get new
friends, I was going to say 'n e thing else???' man! my
parents r like telling me what to do 24/7!!!!!! now, how
annoying is that?!?!?!?! I was suppose to go to the movies
today but I didn't even bother to ask, after what he said
last night.... and my bro like always has like the lowest
marks and the teachers r always complaining about his
behaviour so my dad was going nuts.... I hate my life right
now ggggggggrrrrrrr I wish I were sumwhere else doing
sumthing else... and u know what I rele wanned to hide that
I didn't want n e one to know how much it bothered me
sumtimes that's why I was never ever gonna put this diary
on public but u know what fuck this fuck everyone and
everything.... no one seems to understand me no one cares I rele
hope sumone would.... yeah g2g

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