the ups and downs of my life
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2002-03-08 18:40:23 (UTC)


well yesterady i went to school even though i didnt feel
good and i ended up throwing up in the bathroom after
third period. so i had to go home. and i threw up again
but after that i was fine. its not fun being sick. i was
so hungry but all i could have was crackers and gatorade
but i feel alot better today. its seems like everyone
around here is sick. just a few mins ago i went outside
and pet one of the neighbors kittys that was in my yard.
it was so cute. i just wish i had a kitty. its so sad for
me. i painted my room adn ceiling blue and its really cool
now all i have to do is put everything back in my room
well.............there isnt alot more to write in here so
i guess i iwll write later when i have more to say.