I'm a girl, not a band!!!
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2002-03-08 18:02:57 (UTC)

Finally, a Florida day!

Is it ever gorgeous today! Wow!! So beautiful. This is why
people live in Florida. It's Friday. I'm starving. But all
is still well. I have a lot to do today, but no motivation
to do any of it. Just got out of class. Finished Cool Hand
Luke. What a good movie! Reminded me of Shawshank
Redemption, even though Shawshank came many many years
later. Wow, Paul Newman was a hottie! What a gorgeous man.
Very nice. I mean, I only see him on salad dressing bottles
these days. My sister is coming home today, and there is a
possibility of Lori and Erin visitation next week. How fun.
I have no plans for my spring break. None. Maybe my mom
will go out of town and I'll chill with the baby bro. Who's
not a baby any more by any stretch of the imagination. We
shall see. Okay, I think I'm done for now. I have a slight
headache, prolly cause I haven't eaten yet today. Lots of
water though. I'm off.


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