Autumn Always
2002-03-08 15:43:24 (UTC)

Hope in sight

I have been so busy lately! I have off again today, wich is
very nice. I might get around to cleaning my bathroom
today. My room and the house is in order. I'm still
settling into my new schedual. Fortuneatly my legs seem to
be getting used to work bit by bit. God the first day home
I could barely walk. It's just that I do SO much all day,
and pretty much most of the work consists of me squatting
or bending over or lifting or pulling. But I bought
sneakers and that helps as well. I'm really happy there. I
like everyone, they are so nice and the place is very
relaxed but well organized and there is always music
playing in the back. I like the way everything is set up,
especially my days off. It really breaks up the week wich
is good because 5 straight days of this and I'd be ready to
die. But they have it set up so you never work more then 3
days at a time. And I like it that I get paid if I don't
take a break, and if I stay late. And anything over 40
hours a week is time and a half. That rocks! I have things
to take care of and I want to get my self a car. It looks
like it might be easier then I thought now. I only take
about 15 min to eat my sandwich. And I stay late alot. If I
can manage to go in even 15 mintues early then I usualy do
that will help too. And I like that theres no structured
"after you've been here a year you get a 6% raise" The
doctor just pays attention to people and we get raises when
she see's us working hard. And we get one week paid
vacation after only 6 months. I just like the fact that I'm
not "stuck" in one place. That if I work hard I can move
up. I get up at 7 and am in by 8. When I come home I take a
shower, eat dinner and then relax. Usualy in bed around 11.
It hasn't left me much time or energy to come on line or
whatnot, but I just have to get used to my schedule. I want
to go on for a bit today and see if I can't find Nathan.
I've been so busy and I haven't talked to him in a few
days. I also want to remember to take something out for
dinner so I can cook. I work this weekend but my next day
off *tuesday* I have an appointment with my doctor so maybe
I'll find the right thing this time. I really think I'm
almost there. I've been so happy lately. I'm happy with my
job and things seem like they might finaly be looking up a
bit. We'll see :) Alright, I'm off for now then, maybe I
can get my nails done and a few croshay squares in as well

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