2001-05-09 22:55:24 (UTC)


OK hmmm what shall i start with.. ok first of all i iwant
to beat the crap out of allen! because just cuz he is
jelouse he cant have me he has to go spread rumors about me
and chris! not fair.. i just hope poeple dont believe it i
mean we only kissed that was it we established that we
didnt have any feeling for each other i men like i do care
for him cuz he is like the only person i trust. and a real
good person and a real good friend... thats my baby.. aww
chiquito! hehe well its like all my fault this happened, i
should of never kissed him. i should of stayed clean
friends. but then again i dont knwo why i do make ot with
him if i dont like him.. we dont like each other but we
kiss like everyday.. gosh were such dorks.. to tell u the
truth kissing is fun its like a game to me but i dont go
kising everyone. i kiss him cuz i trust him and i feel
comfterble with him and he is a person that i can tell
anything to. but then stupid ass allen i knew since 2nd
grade had to like me..had to find out we did kiss... had to
blow things up and had to go up to chris! dammit why...
why!! my day was going good until i saw "e" for the first
time in school after the party and after that episode that
he had.. hmm now i found out what kind of person he really
is.. a liar.. he said he loved me and he cared but i turned
him down and he hated me.. damn come to think about it he
can make a great actor i see a future there.. what a little
fuckn drama king.. yea thats what he is! all guys that lie
should go to hell i swear.. grrrr im so mad now.. i need to
talk to someone! dammit where is chiquito we need to talk
about this ASAP! i dont kow what to do... im thinking about
what he told me about doing the litttle scam actig like we
are together so everyone else can just fuc off and leave us
alone but then i dont want to cuz like he close friend has
been in love with me for the past 3 years.. i know its
crazy but i dont have any feeling for him.. he is a real
nice person thought. i rather have a million guy friends
than just having one boyfriend.. im not into the
realationship love gushy type of thing im to young for
that. well anyways im gonna go watch tv i need to get
something else in my mind.. oh yea dawsons creek today yea
baby!! well g2g im gonna finish my ben and jerry chocolate
fugde brownie ice cream! its the best! well bubye