Meshed Up
2002-03-08 14:18:02 (UTC)

obsessive compulsive

bloody irritating!

for some reason, i find this day absolutely irritating!!
it's like.. argh!! i can't stand it...dammit

bitching bitching bitching.... girls bitch about other
girls because they're jealous of the girls they bitch
about. they want to be like those girls and.. i don't
know!! mankind is so screwed up!

camicazy hates the world...and camicazy wants to change the


1. mankind!
(need i say more?!)

2. george bush
(power-hungry creep!! he destroys the lives of many just to
prove that america is superior! just to get his hands on
the middle east oil!)

3. globalization
(everybody's turning into americans now! every country is
turning into a mini america of some sort! where the hell is
our culture?!?!)

4. sweat shops
(you greedy opportunistic pigs!!!!!!)

5. myself!
(i hate myself!!)

6. mathematics
(math sucks!! numbers suck!! all you need is to know how to
add subtract multiply and divide and YOU'LL BLOODY LIVE!!)

7. rupert murdoch
(you lying, manipulative asshole!!!!!!!)

8. vain people
(beauty is not everything!! so don't think you're on top of
the world just because you're goodlooking!)

9. hypocrites
(my bloody parents, jonathan, rachel, the list goes on and
on and on!!)

10. society
(i hate the way society is constructed!! i hate the fact
that even if it claims there is sexual equality, THERE
ISN'T! and even if it claims it's not racist, IT BLOODY

11. the nazis
(you claim to be socialist but you're bloody rightist!!...
okay okay the fanatic ones are dead already. might as well
leave them alone!)

12. the power of money
(money... wtf is it?! it's just a piece of paper and yet
people kill each other for that stupid piece of paper!!)

aarrgghh... i'm tired tired tired!! but still.... i
just.... dammit i don't know!!!........... hopefully
tomorrow i would feel much better! i am so pissed off at
the world today!!....can't bloody help it!!!