Str8 Girl, Interrupted

My Life is a Drama....
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2002-03-08 09:51:27 (UTC)

"You'll get yours eventually"

So, alot of stuff has been going on in my life and no time
to update. Let's see. I went to Las Vegas last week. I
had a great time. Seen so much stuff...walked the drunk...lost all my money in those wicked slot
machines...just to name a few things. I'm hoping I get to
back in December. My Aunt Penny asked me to go with her
and her family for Christmas. I hope I can save up enough
money by then. Yah, if I can find a job and that's not
looking hopeful. :( Oh well...what's new?

Life at home since my return from Vegas and even before we
left hasn't been the best. My cousin Sonja has been
staying with us for a little over a month and at first it
was really cool. She's my fav cousin and all, but I just
don't think we can live together. Or I can't live with
her...I don't know. She ultimately is gonna end up over
her brother's house, which I feel really bad about. I just
didn't know what else to do...I don't pay any bills or
anything and she wasn't making an attempt to either. I
feel bad for having her here and then add myself on
it....It's too much to ask of Josh. It's not,
I think I have issues with living with women. I couldn't
live with my mother...step-mother and sister....and now
her. I think I just like living with men...granted they're
gay, but oh well. lol I guess, I just couldn't stand the
fact that she took advantage of things around her. For
instance, the about OVERusage. Don't even
wanna get on it. The Phone....again OVERusage....Then add
on to it...she gave everyone and they're mother our phone
number from online (so not safe or respectful). I guess,
that's something I can loose alot of respect for someone
over. You can't tell me that she's just "friends" with
these guys....I won't believe it, or can....either's not right. Enough bitching about's
not gonna do no good, I just hope we can still be

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