The Rainy Day
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2002-03-08 07:15:22 (UTC)

i can not believe it

i can't believe that i have five days before i have to go
to basic training...

i can't believe that i will never see (in no particular
order...) tiffany tiffani sara(h?) jennifer jenni justin
ethan, erika, and anyone else that i may have forgotten at
this late hour again. i am so sad i won't see you all
again. i hope that our paths will cross again. you are
the people i care for the most and therefore miss the
most. god i hate it when i get all sappy and shit ugh..
oh well hopefully most of you will write me i guess i'll
send out the address of where i can be reached at basic
training... well i guess i should go home now so i'll talk
to most of you later... hopefully in some form or
another...saying goodbyes is so sad and i wish i didn't
have to i wish you could come with me but i guess you can't
so shut up and goto sleep now seaman recruit carter