Queen Bee

2002-03-08 05:55:28 (UTC)

Exactly what i think of you...and me.

Hello everyone out there. I have come to realize that i
need to get a few things off of my chest, so i thought this
would be the perfect place. So i decided im going to tell
all my close friends exactly what i think of them and
hopefully they will tell me what they think of me. now tis
isnt meant to hurt anyone i just need to say it. Boy
(ravens b/f) you have an attitude problem and you dont thin
kyou need to respect people although everyone deserves
respect and you can dish it out but you cant take it. you
can make fun of anyone you want but when it comes to
someone saying anything about you, you get all pissy and
start acting like a baby, seth, I care about you a lot and
i truly do believe i love you (sorry if that scares you but
its how i feel) but you are afraid of yourself and you can
be a big baby, your afraid of telling me or anyone else how
you really truly feel about them, and your afraid of
opening up probably cuz of the same reason as me, your
afraid if you open up to someone, cuz if you guys end up
apart, it'll be thrown back in your face. I dunno if your
afraid to love cuz you wont open up to me. Red...i love you
as a friend and i do think of you as family but you think
the sun rises and sets on your ass. you think you are never
wrong and you think just because you lived in your own
apartment that you "payed"for that gives you the right to
make people feel stupid and to make people think they arent
good enough for you. you think basically that since afew
bad tings happen to you, you can say, and do whatever you
please. Bad things happen to everyone and i know you had a
bad child hood but we all have problems and just cuz some
of yours are worse that DOES NOT give you the right to pass
people off like you do, oh and Raven has been in therapy
since she was 8 too hun but she doesnt bring it up every 4
secs and she doesnt try to fix people like you sometime do.
Now me, the person i can really hate sometimes. I whine, i
think so little of myself and i can on ocasion throw my
self a little surprise pity party. I think im so fat im
disgusting even though i know in the back of my mind im
not. I think im stupid and weak because i have been told
that all my life and i have to be comfortable with myself
before other people are. I dont trust anyone (i barely
trust you seth) and i cant open up to people for fear ima
get screwed up the ass with the big green dick. And what i
said about you seth, im guilty of all of it too. I mean i
love being me but its gonna take me a lot longer than i
thought to get used to me. cuz for so long i was someone im
not. but now ive realized that i just gotta be me. I didnt
mean to hurt anyone but i dont want you guys on my back for
what i said cuz its my opinions, and everyone is entitled
to one. I love you all. good bye.

:::looks up at everyone with tears in her eyes and moons
you all:::