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Welcome to my life...
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2002-03-08 05:47:05 (UTC)

My New Diary... on a whim.

Well, here I am. I'm doing this purely on a whim. I
figure no one knows me out there. I can bitch as much as I
want, maybe even get some feed back, and still remain
unknown. It works for me.

I guess I should I tell you about myself first off. I'm a
27 year old female. I live in eastern US. I live in a
small town, where everyone knows everyone. It is a college
town, which isn't as thrilling as it sounds.

I am unemployed at the moment because I have no skills..
it's true, really.

I write poetry, you will no doubt see some in future
installments. It is my biggest hobby, and I love it. Must
fo the stuff I write is centered around romance and love.
I have some darker stuff I do, and some erotic poetry. It
is a wonderful outlet, and a good form of therapy and
healthy bitching.

I am currently in a long distance relationship. I will
call him.. DB. DB and I have been together now almost a
year. We still haven't met. I am planning to move down
there in October. 8 months. We will meet before I move
down, or I will have a round trip ticket, open ended, so I
come back if it doesn't work. Not that I think it won't, I
am head over heels in love with him. However, I know love
isn't always anything. Life isn't a fairy tale that always
ends with a happy ending.

I live with my mother because I have no money, as I
mentioned above, I am unemployed. I live here more as a
roomate than a daughter. I pay bills 50/50. Mom has no
money, so I have no choice. I am able to be online only
because DB pays for it, nice of him huh? I think so.

I like to read, even though I don't do as much as I'd
like. Right now courtroom dramas are my thing. I love
John Grishm and Steve Martini. I also like Danielle Steel,
Stephen King and Wally Lamb. Wally Lamb wrote the book
She's Come Undone, my favorite book. The main character is
so much like me, or should I say I'm so much like the main
character, it's scary.

I think that is good enough for my first entry. I will
write soon. Till then, take care out there.

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