The Complete Life of Jason
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2001-05-09 21:25:38 (UTC)

Second Publishing - Introduction II

I said before that I would explain what a MUD is today. MUD
can be broken down to form Multi-user Dungeon. Bluntly put,
it is an online text RPG. I play avatar, (which is down
right now due to Northpoint's condition) and KOR

As I am still introducing myself, I'll take the time to
bring up a few things that aren't very important. I am
currently around 5'10", I weight 142 pounds, and my
favorite food, by far, is chocolate. I will do almost
anything for a laugh, as I love making people happy, and I
love being happy myself. I am nearly never in a bad mood,
but, when I am, you will probably be one of the first to
hear about it.

I have two best friends, although one more than the other.
Cody (last name held back) is my best friend. Joel (once
again, last name held back) would be my second best friend.
The only reason why they are not equal is because I talk to
Cody every day, and Joel lives out of town.

Joel has a very sad story behind him, which I will tell you
tomorrow. It involves love and death, and everything I say
will be true. If you don't believe it, feel free to
question him. If you email me I will give you his email

Cody is the kind of guy everybody likes. He's short, all
the girls call him cute, and he's rather popular. Both him
and Joel are very into games, like myself.

I will finish off this journal entry with a few notes. I am
having a decent day so far, nothing has gone wrong really.
I wish you the same.