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2002-03-08 04:38:22 (UTC)


Well, I never write in here like I like to. Ya know
Sarah's journal on NickelCreek.Com? That's how I mean for
it tobe sort of.. but I never do. Time consumes soo much.
Duh. I'm gonna stop talking aboutit and write from now on.
Sound good? Yeah.. :)

Well, the title is "Correction" because I have to make,
ofcourse, a correction. I said something like I didn't
like hugging peeps (lol "peeps") 'cause I feel like I'm
cheating on Wayne.. and some of you people were kinda
floored wid that. Wayne and I are special friends...
we're not going out.. okay!? OKAY!??????????????!!

Today was long but fine.. blessed. I'm ever so grateful
for t hose few in life that are there for me. Jesus
mainly..and i'm so serious about that. He is the only
one I can give my entire heart to right now anywayz..and
it's just a wonderful feeling sitting there and all the
sudden you're talking with Him, and/or praising and
worshiping Him and you can feel this deep, oh so intimate
rush wash over your entire being and fall crazily in love
with Hiim for the millionth time but every time is fresh,
anew and like it's the first time. I could go on
forever.. actually I WILL! WILL WORSHIP HIM FOREVER! ooh
ooh! sorry.. but don't ya love this?"A time is coming and
NOW is when the true worshipers must worship in spirit
and in truth. With such people the Father seeks to be His
worshipers." -JOHN 4:23

Hoping and praying for all you guys.. and let me know
how y a days and nights and such are g oing!
God's peace!

[email protected]

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