Mikey's Journal
2002-03-08 04:09:51 (UTC)

school, ben, friends, jon, play, tenn

Well, as you can tell from the subject line today was a
full day. It was a really good day though. Ben told me last
night that he wouldn't be at school because he had a
dentist appointment. I don't know if he really did or not.
But that's ok, it doesn't really matter. He wasn't at
school this morning. But after first period, he was waiting
for me where he usually meets me. So he might have come in
late. Anyway, he had bought a rose for me. I was sooo
suprised! Anyway, he told me that he told his boss that he
wouldn't be in till 12:30. He told them that that's how
long his dentist appointment would take, but he told them
that so he spend more time with me and eat lunch with me.
And that's what he did. He left after I went to second
period and then came back just in time for lunch. We ate
lunch together and he was with me until the late bell for
3rd period rang. Everyone kept asking me where I got my
rose and I would just say "Ben." and they knew exactly who
I was talking about. I'm so happpy everyone knows about us
two dating. We don't have to hide it anymore. I went to
this one-act play at school at 7:00. It started a little
late, around 7:15, but that's ok. I was suppossed to call
Ben when I got home, but I was busy. Packing for our trip
to Tennessee and spending time with my dad. Its ok. He'll
understand when I tell him tomorrow morning. Anyway, after
I got home from the play I got on the internet (after
filling out an application for Burger King.) and Jon got on
a minute later. I talked to him and a few minutes later
Chrissy got on. She and Jon talked and he wanted to know
why me and Chrissy weren't talking and I told him that we
haven't talked sence I moved. He wanted to know why and I
told him that I guess I'm not good enough for her. He told
her what I said (after me saying it was ok) and she said
that she had no idea that I was upset with her. We're still
not talking. If she wanted to, she could have gotten my
screen name from Jon and talked to me. After school
tomorrow we're going to Tennessee for the weekend. We're
going to get some more of our stuff from the garage and
spend sometime with my sister, brother-in-law, two nephews,
and grandpa. I get to see Tigger again!! I can't wait to
see him! I miss him soooooooo much!!!!!! I've got a few
picutres left on the film in my camera and I'm gonna get
someone to take some pictures of me and Tigger together.
The trailor company was suppossed to go get the trailor
yesterday. I don't think they did because my dad called my
grandpa to tell him that we're coming down and if they had
come and got it my grandpa would have told my dad because
the trailor is on his property. Well I need to take a
shower and get to bed sence I'll be driving most of the way
to Tennessee tomorrow.