bay turtle

This is Reality?
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2001-05-09 19:17:02 (UTC)


Why is it that when you walk up to a mcDonalds, you can
hear the drive-through speaker 500 yards away, but you can
never understand what they're saying when you're a foot
away from it in your car?

There are some things that will remain a mystery for all of

Like why I keep getting small fries, and my brother gets
cheeseburgers in that fry-box contest. Of course, I don't
eat cheeseburgers, so he gets a meal, but I don't. Hmm. Not
that you can use two peices at a time anyway.

My (other) jerk brother skipped school today. It's like his
sixth time skipping school this year. And mom keeps writing
him excuse notes! Jerk. I wish I could skip school lke
that. Bu no, I've been sick -really sick, so sick I can't
roll out of bed at all - so many times that if I miss
anymore school, I fail.

Life is not fair.

Like, why some kids can stay afterschool for review for the
AP exam, but I have to come home. DAMN!

Why does this nickel look different? Hmm. Odd. I geuss it's
just old. That, and I don't usually spend a whole lot of
time looking at nickels.

I can't wait until choir is over- I need a break from it.
Only one rehersal, and one Sunday left!!! I can't wait!! I
really don't want to go, but I know I need to. Grrr!

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