2002-03-08 02:53:08 (UTC)

Sunshine and Rainbows

The title first if for you Ash, you always seem to be the
one to put me in a better mood. As for the yankee life, its
getting simpler, which I like in a lot of ways. These past
couple of months have been a very trying some, I seem to
just stand in a confused disposition while life passes me
by and few stop to chat. Friends become enemys, while
enemys have renued their disgust for me, its not been a
pleasnt couple of months. Through it though is where I have
learned some of the most valuable lessons. Im not sure
where I stand with Nikki and through that I feel betrayed,
because I did my best to help her, and shes hasnt spoken to
me in more than a week, she just hasnt called me or retured
my calls. I feel stronger now though, I dont need to lean
on her, I have people who care about me, I have my friends,
and it feels good to have things secure again. Tennis
begins agian and that always helps becuase I feel like im
doing something with my time. Love realy isnt another word
for regret anymore, but something that ive made it through.
but for right now, im happy were im at, and im basicaly
just happy

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