crackheads thoughts
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2002-03-08 02:27:08 (UTC)


why you do this to me I dont know
cause when I see you my cup over flow
but you go on and think nothing of it
while I sit patiently and wait for thee.

you dont know how BAD it hurts
to see you walk down and not speak a word
it really hurts,but of course you
wouldnt know that for you are blind.
you are what they call the blind leading the blind.
but of course you will never know because
you my friend are the blind one

you could speak but you dont
you could say hi but you wont
cause the one you go with says so

i feel like a clock
that goes round and round
but for once this clock will run no more.
you have your girl go on and hurt me no more

people say forgive and forget
but this time my friend i will forgive no more
even thought i know it is wrong

I gave you chance after chance
but you still say the same thing to both
I made a mistake I will love you forever

well you can love this fish no more
so go crawl back in your little hole
and stay there forever more.
carie brown