life as it is
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2002-03-08 02:20:15 (UTC)

spring break is upon us

Ahh spring break...two nice words. Im going to florida to
stay with my grandma and then to baltimore to visit ashley.
Nothin really to complain about. My fingers just disobeyed
my brian and called J. he wasnt there. thank god. So im
also in love with this guy B. B goes to boarding school and
his fam is best friends with mine. He used to be
unnatractive but now he is real hot. ahh im ringing! i dont
know whos calling, who i had to help one of my
friends with his mad love for one of my other friends. Life
is so fucked up sometimes. It obviously can not work out
the way G wants it to, cause the other one is not
interested that way, or so he tells me. But G tells a
different story. anyway, im gonna go now. I dont have much
to say. I need a guy. if only for 20 minutes. AHHH

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