Roland Deschain

Dimensions of Life
2001-05-09 17:16:00 (UTC)

First Entry: Intro to Arieland

Life is a series of dimensions.
When we are born the only part of our lives are crying,
crapping our diapers, and suckling our mom's tit. Then soon
you learn to walk, and that adds a whole new part to our
lives. Then you learn to talk. And that is new. Then
school, farther down the line, jobs, marriage, a new house,
kids, and way farther down the line, death.
The final dimension.
Anyway, that's my take on life in the here and now. Thought
that would make a nice introduction. I don't mind saying my
real name, I'm Ariel Campos, and I live in Rolla, but
you're on your own to figure out the state. I'm 17 years
old, brown hair, brown eyes, nerdy look, and my social
security number is 555-333-7777. (Just kidding about the
last part). To find out what I'm really like you'd have to
talk to me in person, but to give you an idea of the actual
essence of Ariel Campos, you have to understand my three
basic obsessions: Sex, computers, and music. In that
order. I like to think of myself as a "sexual being". So
in the future I'll be writing a lot about my sexual life--
or lack thereof. Computers is kind of basic, that's why
I'm putting my journal online. Ever since the 'Net first
became popularized in--what was it? '93? I've taken a
kinship to technology. My life has always been tied to
music in a very mysterious way. You ever hear a song and
then all of a sudden you can imagine exactly the last time
you heard that song and it's like you're living that exact
moment? That happens to me all the time. Sometimes in a
good way, sometimes bad. It's like the language of
memories is music. Well, it's about 12:15 right now and
time for me to go to 5th hour (Contemporary Issues) so I'd
better log off. I have an orthodontist appointment today
after school with Dr. Harrison, who hates me and is a total
prick in my opinion, so I probably won't be making another
entry today. So until next time, long days and pleasant