ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2002-03-08 00:12:13 (UTC)

LifE's a BiTcH ( & so is Rafa)

Today was soooooo......... blah. Thats the only
way i can describe it. I think that Paulina is a bitch
and so is Rafaela and I dont really give a fuck about much
N E More. Stupid Paulina came up to me today and was
like 'what are u doing tomorrow?' and i was like ' i
dont know.' and then like 10 seconds later she
asks me again, and again, and again...... until finally
i was just like ' DO U KNow whaT the WORds i dont know
MEaN?????......... And then she just kinda walked
off with Jenifer. The only fucking reason she is like
asking me is cuz she wants Me to hang out with her so that
Chris will come too and hook her up with some weed.

But that bitch can go fuck herself cuz im not
going to let her use me or my boyfriend for her fucking
needs. shit, im not that stupid.

Well, tomorrow IS a HALF Day, and i STILL dont know
what im doing, if i do anything at all.
I might go to Prescott with Stix this weekend cuz she
is going to visit her unkle or sumthin, and i kinda want to
go, just so i can leave for awhile and stuff.

Rafaela could do nothing but bitch about her life to
me today (like she does everyday) and just CONsTanTly talk
about herself. FuckIng GaY shIT.... i dunno why i
put up with her. She isnt a good friend at all.

I just guess im getting sick of everyone
complaining about stuff to me. And its weird because
it seems like lately a lot of people are just dying.

Like there's Brittany Rogers, (which has been such a
big deal at my school, her funerals tomorrow) Brittany's
dad died, SOme of Rafaela's family members, Some of
Paulina's family, and plus my grandma is in the hospital
right now and might be leaving soon. so ya, death
has been around here, and i just hope it leaves soon.
Well, gotsta go, things to do, places to go, people to
ignore. later.