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2001-05-09 15:52:14 (UTC)

Soul Searching...

I have been been doing osme things that I have not been
doing in such a long time. I have been reading several of
my diaries. I have been writing sections of my book that I
am writing.And I have been writing in my diary.And I am
learning to remake and discover myself. I am writing in 2
journals as of this time .One is 500 pages and one is
smaller. I am now learning to appreciate life.
I am learning to life. I wrote yesterday in my journal
about how I needed my diary to be changed.When I write in
it I am just writing things th at happen each day .Some
entries are negative some are positive . I wish those that
write in a journal faithfully and those that are trying to
get to that point. That they will get this magazine called
"Personal Journaling .It is a big help . If you want to
know more about it. Click on to
You will not be sorry .And look into my web page it is
Writerscloset.homestead.com.Click into it.And see if you do
not like it.Leave commments and thoughts.
And if you need more information go Join my club that I
have created called."Diariest Pages" on Yahoo.com

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